This is my last weekend with two legs.  I feel that I should be doing something more significant with them, than rejoicing in the fact I’ll never again have to bother pairing up socks.  I go for a hot stone massage, my last outing for my left leg.  It seems very strange that the limb that is being massaged today will not exist in a couple of days’ time, except in pieces on a slide or swishing around in formaldehyde.   I notice, this weekend, how easy it is to get around with two legs, even when one foot doesn’t work very well.  How pleasant it is to walk around without people giving me a second glance.  How much I can get done in the hours I’ll soon have to spend on rehabilitation.  I glance at websites devoted to amputees, to purveyors of prosthetic limbs. can buy spare parts on e-Bay, it seems…  I know that there is a whole world out there to which I’ve never before given a moment’s thought.  It’s a world where soon I might feel very comfortable but, just for now, it’s somewhere I really wish I didn’t have to visit.