As a health care facility, I really can’t fault it.  In charge of general nursing care (plus pharmaceuticals, catering, laundry, estates, infection control, patient transport and the WRVS tea bar) is Nurse Jackie (aka Alastair) who must be wishing he’d joined a union while he had the chance.  He is ably supported by Sebastian who is tasked with overseeing the physiotherapy programme and administering the daily anti-coagulant injection.  He tells me that it makes him feel like someone out of his Hitman X Box game. Advanced Physio Supervision is managed by my mother who trained in the 1940s but has lost none of her authority.  She only has to telephone for my quadriceps to tighten.  I’m fortunate to own my personal, pre-trained, Pets as Therapy (PAT) dog, Alfie.  In overall charge is Matron Anna – wardrobe advisor and holder of the key to the tracksuit cupboard – who entertains us all with her tales of the outside world. Without in any way wishing to invoke the curse of Hello! Magazine, I feel truly blessed by my family and all my wonderful friends, publishers, colleagues, students, and acquaintances who have done, given, said, texted or written the most wonderful things that have made what could be an extraordinarily dismal time into a time that feels full of love, support and festivity.  Life has a funny way of working out sometimes.  Back in February, and seemingly out of the blue, Alastair lost his job in the most brutal and insensitive manner. In the same week that he struggled to come to terms with this, and long before he’d finished feeling justifiably angry and upset, I had my biopsy.  At the time, it felt that fate was playing some kind of cruel game that had somehow got terribly out of control.  Now we wonder how we’d have possibly coped if he’d been working with all this going on.  So every cloud…And in his breaks (yes, Nurse Jackie is allowed a short break most days) he is beginning to think about new ways forward.  I, for one, would be prepared to give him a very good reference.  But he’ll have to work out his notice.