I have experienced two small triumphs this week. The first was managing the two sets of escalators at Warren St tube station with prosthetic leg, walking stick and a modicum of dignity. The trick, I now know, is not to spend the whole journey up to daylight wondering which leg should lead from the top step and just leave it to instinct and luck. The second was taking Alfie the Pet as Therapy Dog to his favourite park. This was not quite as straightforward. The path through the woods back to the car had been transformed into a scale model of the Somme. At one point I found myself ankle deep in mud and leaf mould, clinging to the branch of a small tree, contemplating calling it a day, leaving my leg behind and crawling to the car. But luck prevailed; Alflie wandered up to see what was going on and I managed to clip on his lead, will him to muster his inner husky and drag me out.