Nurse Jackie, in his new role of Geography teacher, is particularly excited by the new wordpress stats page that now boasts a map of the world, colonising in bright orange any country from which someone has clicked onto this blog. I’m intrigued to see I have traffic from Iceland, Russia, Brazil and a host of other places I’ve only ever dreamt of visiting. What the stats also show are search engine terms and from time to time I’m rather taken aback by some of the words people have typed into Google – and also amused at how disappointed they must be to have ended up on this comparatively untitillating site. I’ve got wise to no longer using the st**p word, but somewhere in this blog (albeit in different entries) are the words bum, amputee and legless. So if you are someone who has ended up on this site by accident and were really looking for something completely different, do the right thing.  Buy a copy or two of Interpreters or The Cloths of Heaven. You know you want to.