I have never had the slightest interest in sport but I’ve found the 2012 Olympics remarkably inspiring and strangely addictive. Though not in the same league as Jessica Ennis et al, I have had a small sporting triumph of my own and returned to swimming – something I didn’t think I’d have the courage or energy to do after the above-knee amputation. The impetus has been finding a council-run swimming pool with proper disabled access and a fully-equipped shower/ changing room in which I can leave my leg and other stuff while I plough up and down the pool like an ancient, long-retired and shamefully gone-to-seed Paralympian. My recently revived table tennis career has been less auspicious, largely because Sebastian (currently in the lead at 25 games to nil and despite his recent stint of work experience at the limb workshop) refuses to make any concessions to disability and will not give me a lead of three points which is all I’d need to thrash him.