A two-week, 2,400 mile road trip of the USA taking in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, Tuba City, Zion National Park, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, the Oregon coast, Portland and Seattle proved to be the perfect amputee-friendly family holiday and no one need ever know that we hired, and very much enjoyed driving, what we normally refer to as a W*nk*r Car.   The USA’s commitment to disability access and awareness – at least everywhere we went – was extraordinary and made what could have been quite a demanding trip an absolute delight.  When the going got tough or, as Sebastian would put it, I was overcome by laziness, wheelchairs could be borrowed from every hotel and visitor centre.  I had the odd wistful moment when I remembered how easy it used to be to venture into the unknown without having to think about every step, but the paths and wooden walkways put acres of national park and even the Oregon dunes within my reach.  So now we’re home. It’s raining, we’re missing Anna and envying her new life in Portland and jet lag has transformed Nurse J into a quivering wreck.  If it weren’t for a massive credit card bill, some photos and Seb’s bargain Levis, I’d wonder if we’d been away at all.  But Alfie the Personal Pet as Therapy Dog is very relieved to have most of his pack back.