Sue Eckstein has contributed articles to a variety of broadsheets and magazines:

Why people blog about illness

‘If anyone had told me a year ago that I’d be a blogger I would have laughed. I am a cautious Facebook user – by turns amused and horrified at the very public way that friends (and friends of friends of friends) conduct their lives. It feels like happening upon a hidden diary and taking the wrong decision to have a quick read…’

Read the full article in the Guardian.

I lost my leg – now I’m writing a comedy about it

‘I’ve seen the NHS at its very worst and its very best and amassed huge amounts of material for next year’s clinical ethics lectures; I’ve written an afternoon radio play pitch for an amputation comedy. And at my rehabilitation centre, with its wonderful staff and friendly volunteers, a mug of tea is only 30p.’

Read Sue’s wry account of her amputation in the Guardian.

Sue Eckstein: interpreting life

Her day job is lecturing in medical ethics, and in her personal life she’s recently undergone surgery to amputate a limb. She’s also just published her second novel. Ian Macrae has been hearing more about her own and her characters’ stories

Read Sue’s interview in Disability Now

Finding her way with words

Sue Eckstein describes the way she writes as a process of distilling the truth down further and further “until there’s nothing left but the memory of it”.

Read Sue’s interview in The Argus

How Way Leads on to Way

Walnut Hill opened up my horizons. It offered me art history, pottery, drama and dance, new kinds of friends, and new experiences…

Read Sue’s article in Behind Stowe

A study in excellence

Novelist and lecturer in clinical and biomedical ethics Sue Eckstein shares her experiences.

Read the article in Step Forward

PhD student writes second novel

Sussex Creative Writing DPhil student, Sue Eckstein, had her second novel published by Myriad Editions last month.

Read the article in The Badger

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